4 unique orangery roof designs

An orangery conservatory makes your place more worthy. An orangery conservatory plays an important role when it comes to having a happy space at your home that only belongs to you. Well building an orangery conservatory is not tough. With the passage of time, unique orangery roofs have been introduced.

You can select the orangery roofs according to the other exterior of your house so it doesn’t look odd. We build orangery roofs to make our space look a little bigger. Plus orangery roofs have multiple benefits but you will only be able to enjoy the beneficial facts if you choose the orangery design carefully and wisely.

Here are the top 4 orangery design that is quite popular nowadays and you might want to build one of them at your places.

1. Skylight orangery roof

You might have seen that most of the orangeries have been made with a lot of bricks. So you don’t get much light inside the orangery. To get the perfect amount of light inside your orangery sky light orangery roof is one of the best options. You can construct it with aluminum and large glasses in the shape of a lantern.

Through the large glass surface, the perfect amount of sunlight will enter the orangery. It will look like an orangery and a garden room at the same time. What else can you ask for?

2. Contemporary orangery roof

It is one of the traditional types of orangery we are talking about. Here you will be able to enjoy both nature and the sky. An orangery whose walls and roof both are made up of glass panels.

Yes, this is the best way to cover your space. You can mix brick, wood, and large glass panels for making a contemporary orangery. If you want a part of your house close to nature and you would love to enjoy the peace there then this is the best you have right now. It is going to be an extension of your house and you can cover maximum space while making this type of orangery.

3. Tiled roofing

If you want your orangery roof to look just like your house exterior then you can go for a tiled orangery roof. Use the bricks while building this orangery roof and leave room for glass panels so the sunlight will be able to enter the orangery.

4. Timber cladding orangery roof

If you want to go for something different other than traditional bricks then timber cladding is also a good option for your orangery roof. You might not see many timber cladding orangery roofs but this is an effective option. It provides phenomenal thermal and insulation to your orangery.

The final words:

So, now you have read about the top 4 unique orangery design above. Well, you might be able to get a few more options over the internet but these are the most 4 trendy ones that would go with any house exterior. They will only make your property look better and more attractive.